Gutters and Gutter Guards

Matney Siding and Windows, LLC installs seamless gutters to help eliminate leaks resulting in seemed gutter installation. Gutters are available to complete the remodel process or to simply repair or replace an already leaky gutter.

A variety of colors is offered to match your new siding or trim. Seamless gutter, downspouts and gutter guards not only keeps rain run-off going where it needs to go, it also add the last finishing touch to any siding project.

Proper downspout installation directs run-off away from the foundation and landscaping next to the house. Whether you have sophisticated drainage systems, concrete troughs or standard kick outs, Matney Siding and Windows, LLC can match your existing setup or install a more efficient one for your property.

Tired of climbing the ladder every fall to clean the leaves out of the gutter? Let Matney Siding and Windows show you the latest in gutter guards to lower yearly maintenance and keep your gutters running free and clear of debris.

Seamless Gutters

Gutters should disappear into your homes facade, not stick out like a metal scar separating your roof from your home. We offer a unique system of seamless gutters that blend with your home.

seamless gutters

Gutter Guards

Cleaning out gutters can be an arduous task, as well as dangerous. Thanks to gutter guards, you can stay safely on the ground and your gutters stay free of leaves and debris.

Matney Siding and Windows is proud to offer Rhino Gutter Guard. Rhino gutter guards are completely manufactured in the USA. They are virtually invisible from the ground, preserving the look of your home. We also offer Alcoa Leaf Relief gutters. The Leaf Relief system completely covers your gutter, preventing even the smallest debris from sneaking in. Now you don’t have to worry about football sized clumps of pine needles hiding in your downspouts. Like the Rhine Gutter Guard, Leaf Relief is practically invisible.

gutter guards


Carrying water away from your homes foundation is one of the most important things you can do for preserving your homes structural integrity. Matney Siding & Windows will help you design a proper water drainage system, whether you need a completely new one, or to simply replace what is already there.


Soffits & Fascia

It’s important that the underside of your homes eaves look as good as the rest of your house. After all, that’s the part you see from the ground! We offer many different styles of soffits and fascia to cover the underside of your covered porch, a new awning, or the eaves of your home. Mastic and Royal Building Products, the same companies that provides such excellent siding, make top-notch fascia.

soffits & fascia

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