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Whether you’re repairing damaged siding or looking for a complete remodel, Matney Siding and Windows, LLC covers all aspects of repairs and remodels; from the siding, soffit, and shutters; to the fascia, trim, etc.

We provide a wide array of siding styles to match your needs. Choose from the durable vinyl siding, the rustic shake siding, or the fashionable half round. You can even get creative and put more than one type of siding on your house!

New shutters help update the look of any house. Whether you just need new shutters or need them to match your new siding, we are happy to order and install them for you.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding provides durability. Repainting or staining the average sized home costs up to $6,000 every four years. By switching to vinyl siding, you can save on painting, patching, and caulking. Siding can withstand 200 MPH winds.

Matney Siding & Windows can order just about any color you can think of in siding.

We also offer long siding for a more flawless finish. Rather than a standard 12′ panel, you can choose a 16′ 4″ panel, which means 30% fewer seams.


Shake Siding

Give your house a rustic flair with shake siding! Shake has all the durability and benefits of traditional vinyl siding with the bonus of perfectly mimicking authentic cedar. Shake is available in two styles, Hand Split and Rough Sawn. Colors vary from the traditional white to rustic red to country green and everywhere in between.



Half Round

Half Round siding is typically used in gables and as an accent to other types of siding. Filling in the gables with half round gives a house an old Victorian style.

half round



New shutters add the finishing touch to your home exterior. They provide curb appeal in addition to giving your house another pop of color.

Shutters are available in 19 popular colors to compliment your homes color theme. Choose from Louvered or Raised Panel styles.


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